The good thing on reported 'UFO Landing Sites' is that these places became a hotspot for tourists because it is really a great place to travel to. UFO up to the present time still remains a mystery and total fantasy to everyone as there is no strong evidence to prove their existence most especially aliens.

Many places in the world have the advantage to their claim as 'UFO Landing Sight' as they relive the controversy in reality. Some places have even annual UFO-themed festivals and other adventures. Check out the list of place provided by CN Traveler:

Roswell, New Mexico- UFO landing site reported in the year 1947. The must-see ceremony in this place is the Roswell UFO Festival that is conducted during June 29- July 1. The festival features a 10k 'alien chase', light parade, UFO-themed art show, and a pet costume contest.

Elmwood, Wisconsin- UFO landing site in the late 70s. Extraterrestrial celebration in this place is conducted annually known as UFO days which features a parade, craft fair, and concerts. The region consists of less than 800 population and just outside the Twin Cities.

Area 51, Nevada- A military base wherein UFO sightings have been reported. Currently, the road leading to the base was declared as Extraterrestrial Highway. The place is actually remote but adventurers can and visit the town of Rachel, Nevada.

Kennedy Space Center, Canada- This is not a reported UFO landing site rather a place where questions regarding 'flying discs' are answered. NASA Headquarter provides footage of space lights wherein astronauts answers a person's curiosity about aliens. People who are fond of research for UFOs are recommended to go here.

Other sightings related to UFO landing which science- fiction lover wish to visit includes; Aurora (Texas), Mineral Lake (Washington), Kecksburg (Pennsylvania), and Gover's Mill (New Jersey). Many experts until the present time are subjecting their researchers to provide the existence of these UFO landing controversies.

A report from the Huffington Post talks about the bizarre giant symbols that are seen on Google maps near Roswell UFO Crash Site. The symbol is one prominent Buddhist symbol. Some believe that the symbol is a message from the aliens to humans regarding their entry in the territory. Meanwhile, some of Canada's beautiful places are endangered; dare to visit them before gone click here for full details.