It can be scary to travel alone especially when it is your first time to go on to a place when everyone is a stranger to you and you probably have no idea where should you go or what should you eat or what will you do. But in reality, traveling solo can be the best thing you can ever do with your life.

You can get to do whatever you want without the hassle of having someone by your side who stops you from doing the things that you actually want to do. According to Nomadic Matt, probably the scariest thing is when you live your life and you get to grow old without even experiencing the things that you want to do.

There are so many reasons why you should try to go on a trip and travel to different places all by yourself this year. It is, in fact, the most pleasurable way to appreciate yourself and to indulge to whatever your emotions you feel and probably cry your heart out without anyone who personally knows you.

You can get to experience things and explore new places without having regrets. When you have a travel buddy, there is a probability where you cannot do a certain thing just because your partner or company is not actually interested with the thing that you want to try or they may be allergic to the food that you want to taste. They may also be afraid of heights which is why you do not go trekking, when in fact, for so long, you always dream of screaming your lungs out on the peak of the tallest mountain you know.

According to an exclusive interview of Motto with Jennifer Hoddevik, founder of Travel Yogi, the safety of the travellers who tend to go solo is a concern. But traveling without any companion does not necessarily mean that you are traveling alone. Throughout your journey, you can meet different types of people, from the locals to other tourists who also travel alone just like you. You can do things and get to know the strangers who also do the things that you are about to try for the first time in your life.

Yes, travelling alone can possibly lead to the feeling of loneliness and singleness. But who knows? Aside from getting to know yourself more, there is also a chance that in your voyage, you will get to meet the person who will accompany you on your next trip and to the rest of your life.