Traveling alone is a very different experience not just than traveling with friends or family, but traveling for business as well. There is a lot to learn traveling being alone in a new environment not just from the destination but from yourself as well. You will better know yourself on how you act around different people around, how well you take care of yourself in a strange new location and maybe even discover a new interest, free from the opinions of others.

But hey, let's admit it, traveling solo can be fun and unique but it can be pretty expensive as well with no one to share the costs with. Here is a chosen list of the best places in America for solo travel.

According to Flip Key, Boulder, Colorado is located at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills and with 30,000 acres of land open to the public, Boulder is every solo traveler's dream to fulfill. Spend your time in this part of Colorado hiking Chautauqua Park and the Flatirons everywhere which is the symbols of the city of Boulder. Bring your camera along to capture the stunning beauty of the whole location and just appreciate life.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina offers solo travelers a fusion of both virgin beach delight and spirited nightlife. During the day, try walking along the 1.2 mile long Oceanfront Boardwalk for prime people watching, and grab something to eat on the go from the Boardwalk Snack & Ice Cream, which is the heart of the boardwalk.

At night, the city comes to life as activities everywhere pop up all the sudden. Start your night at The Bowery, which is a landmark in Myrtle Beach for years. Bars are open late night here, so hop from place to place or bar hopping with new friends that you meet along the way.

According to Insider Monkey, Miami, Florida is perfect for people who love the beach and partying. Miami is also the perfect destination for food lovers looking to sample a wide variety of international food fair but not much if you're on a tight budget as it can get really expensive.

San Francisco, California is a city that welcomes solo travelers as it has the best free summer concerts and festivals in town where you can dance almost everywhere at the lively Stern Grove Festival to Bay Area Bike Share, which makes it easy and less costly to roam around the whole city.

According to Rough Guides, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas is best if you want to try trekking through America's wilderness. Hot Springs National Park is one of the smallest and oldest national parks in the United States which is quite interesting and very historical as well making it a good location for solo travelers to learn more of the history while experiencing true beauty of the wild. For more of the best locations to visit in America stay tuned to Travelers Today.