Traveling alone for the first time can not only be exciting because of the experience and adventures waiting ahead - it can also be nerve-wracking. A tip from an experienced solo traveler says a first-time traveler must know a few basic things and information about the place that he's traveling to before he actually lands there.

Today, in a world of advanced technology, things are easier to get done. With the help of technology, traveling for the first-time solo travelers won't be that hard or scary anymore. Take the mobile applications as examples, there are numerous apps that can be downloaded in just a few minutes and can be used a guide and a help when traveling. Here are the best apps that can definitely help solo travelers:

Travel List.  to not forget some of the most important things; from chargers to the underwear and everything in between. The Travel List app will help remind a traveler whatever the things that he needed to be reminded of last minute before he leaves. It will also notify travelers about the important details and stuff about the location that they don't want to miss. The app is available for iPhone users starting at the amount of $1.99

Trip It. Trip It users will allow them to see all information about their trip. From the directions to the hotel where they're going to stay in, to the particular locations where there are taxis and cabs and the like. Users can even sync in their travel plans on their mobile calendar. Trip It is downloadable for free for Android, Apple, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 users.

Kayak is one of the most advantageous and helpful apps as users can find the best flights and hotels fast with Kayak. Kayak also compares the different prices offered by different hotels, car rentals and flights. The app includes airport information and the likes as well. The application can be downloaded for free for Android, Apple, Blackberry and Windows users. Tune in on Travelers Today for more travel news and updates.