Iceland currently receives high praises for its dramatic landscapes, its beauty transcends to its volcanoes, geysers, and hot springs. Last year, many tourists opt to explore its unspoiled elegance. Hence, 2017 seems to be another great year to see what the country can offer. Here is everything to expect when vacationing in the world's newest tourist destination.

Definitely, Iceland is on the high list of must-travel locations this year. According to The Telegraph, there are five reasons that this may be the hottest rising travel star for 2017.

To begin with, Iceland geography is on the top list of reasons to see the country.The place is in the middle of the mountains and valleys.There are about 200 volcanoes and 600 hot springs around the area. Most honeymooners pick these sceneries for a romantic getaway, also the setting is best for family trips. Another Viking's attraction is diving in-between continents. Every traveler eyeing this should pack their scuba gears ready for a dip of the Silfra fissure where North America and Eurasia meets.

Furthermore, Icelanders' have great campsites and hotels around their place. One of the common places is Husafell Hotel for families, it's nearby almost all the key attractions around the area.They aren't the only lucky one to spend time in Iceland. Actually, there are a lot of bars to hop at night, they produce local Brevinnin which younger and solo vacationers can revel in. Supposedly, there are 10 more amazing drinks to try, the Nordic Island is a home for original beer making.

The final reason for anyone to make Iceland their top travel plan is the northern Lights, clearly it's the must-experience of all what the Viking country can offer. The best time to see them is from September to April. If a traveler will only go on a trip for it, it's available 8 months every year in Iceland.