Goodbye 2016, Welcome 2017! London celebrated New Year with a blast of fireworks and more, definitely, all traditions were must-see. For locals and tourists, the eve's party was a mass of tight security and fun. Everyone had a high-time, in the whole of Europe, different ways of thrilling festivities were observed.

For first-time tourists, London's open show was probably a super amazing experience. Perhaps everyone who enjoyed the bash is now looking forward to 2018's New Year celebration. Surely, it's really one of the best places to welcome another year; Europe's festivity ways always land a punch, this is how they usually do it.

The Hogmanay's winter festival, London's fireworks, the capital's parade, and Forth and Hull charity swim were the highlights of the events. Organizer Al Thomson can help to happily comment about the events: "What a great way to start 2017, the 70th anniversary of Edinburgh becoming a world-leading festival city." Approximately, 75,000 spectators from around 100 countries joined the festival.

Moreover, London's open fireworks show got most of the attention. While people were looking at Big Ben, the organizers were readying the 12,000 of it to light the sky. At the tick of midnight, whether local or tourist NYE firework display awed everyone. Notably, world-class performances were also spotted in the New Year Parade festival, 8500 performers from 20 countries participated at Green Park to Parliament Square walk.

In addition, police force gathered all over the place to keep the entire bash safe. Everywhere tight security measures were observed. UK's police made sure nothing can sway New Year's celebration. Remarkably, London mayor Sadiq Khan said: "We've done everything we possibly can do to keep us safe. We've got more armed police officers on duty tonight than we have in any previous year."

To conclude, London New Year's celebrations are unbeatable! It's a must-experience for all; travelers should see the feat even for once. For more travel news, keep following Travelers Today.