Last Dec. 28, the southern England was surprised by a heavy fog that envelops the whole area. Apparently, it disrupts everybody, especially about their transportation. This doesn't only end in the road where a number of accidents were already noted. More so, the aerial travel is likewise affected there many delayed flights and stranded passengers detained due to it.

The fog delivers a delay on road and air travels, it's been days since the event puts everyone in difficult situations. Apparently, the freezing temperature is the reason of the thick icy fog.

In the recent news, London's New Year may be a little bit hindered by the influx of heavy fog in the city. Many people report difficulty to see everything in the area, therefore road drive is currently not an option. According to Daily Mail, the strange phenomenon already claimed a number of lives and the most recent are the death of a husband when 20 cars crashed as they experienced zero visibility. The foggy and icy weather is the major cause of the accidents.

On the other hand, "Dozens of flights were delayed or canceled due to poor visibility at London City airport on Wednesday morning, while a string of arrivals was diverted elsewhere," It is reported by The Guardian. Remarkably, the ramification of the freezing weather is on the airplane strips where thin layers of ice are noticeable. Technically, it's really dangerous for the air vehicles to travel at this rate.

Lastly, the murky fog and sudden coldness are expected to diminish also by this week. The frostiness will remain but UK's government is doing their best to address the problem. Hopefully, all the delayed transports will go back as soon as possible. It is best if vacationers can experience a better holiday.

In all, transports may be delayed due to UK fog but New Year celebration shouldn't be hindered. Just remember to keep out from danger and always be cautious when going out. Tips below will help out a lot.