Recently, Cruise ships were bombarded with a number of terrorist attacks, and many tourists doubt whether if it's still safe to do a long holiday cruise vacation. Apparently, it can still be fun and relaxing! Here is some list of reliable safety tips to keep everyone secured during their grand vacation.

One of the most common questions for many tourists eyeing a holiday on the sea is whether cruising is still safe from reported attacks. Apparently, this stemmed from ISIS may attacks before, though it's definitely debunked now.

In the course of many months, there are having been a lot of changes done by the maritime companies which partnered with Coast Guards. Notably, the international cruise line governing body Security Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) are now stricter on protocols. Indeed, the counter-efforts of these people can tell that Holiday cruising can still be safe. Some notable safety measures from SOLAS are the addition of security staffs, crew regular training, passenger security checks, and exclusion zone law implementation.

With regards to personal safety, surely vacationers must have good knowledge how to keep away from danger. Initially, there's keeping away from alcohol. It's really a must to keep sober, it's better to keep track of what's happening around. Secondly, be wary of door and balcony safety; always close everything when going out and before sleeping. Next, pay attention to passenger drills especially with off-limit locations, safe use, and everything else.

Finally, always remember as well to be cautious on port transfers. Don't forget to list down the departure time of the ship and where exactly the location of the port. More so, don't stray far without notifying anybody in case of getting lost.

In all, getting on the ship and spending the holidays on the sea still is the safest way to relax! For more travel news and tips, keep following Travelers Today. Additional info is on the video below.