Celebrations aren't up yet, there's still the New Year's Eve! Eventually, there will more all-year round. So, it's a must to keep everything especially menu healthy. Indeed, here are the list of the best healthy food safety tips and guides to keep the foodstuff clean and safe for everyone to enjoy without worries.

To begin with, Eat Right shares initial 5 basic guides, starting with washing hands before, during, and after the preparation. Actually, food mustn't be the only ones to be cleaned but also the one handling them as bacteria is transferrable.

Next, keep all kitchen surfaces and tools clean at all times. In the preparation, all tops and tools will be used on food so it's necessary to sanitize them first. Further, always use separate cutting boards for raw and ready to eat food.

Further, the fourth guide is about using food thermostat. With tech hype, it's actually easier now to determine if the food is ultimately cooked. The last basic healthy food safety for all occasions is about baking; it's imminent that celebrations consist of cakes and pastries. In handling them, be wary also of ingredients. Always look for the expiry date, and its containers.

In addition, Montgomery Advertiser shares two more guides which depict the handling process. Initially, separate raw and cooked food, it's necessary as raw as the first could still have bacteria from where they came from. Next, keep track of time, this deal with chilling and serving time. Most of the celebratory food can just be kept for minimum hours so if there are a lot be sure to freeze them before it spoils.

And the tips, for pregnant women careful with sea foods and beverages. In taking home leftover food, always use clean containers! Use separate ones for each food. Lastly, store them in the freezer and always remember to check them out before eating.