Definitely, airplane passengers once wonder why it is necessary to turn on airplane mode during flights; incredibly it's really a must. Apparently, there are special reasons for it and it's not only just to annoy travelers. Of, course! It will be explained here, all the must-know facts of this mobile feature will surely be revealed for the benefit of many.

One of the strictest policy before plan take off is setting the phone to flight mode, actually, they may have said it thousands of times per flight. So, what's the real reason! Accordingly, it's for the safety of all. Way back 1900s; it was first implemented due to suspected airplane's electric radio system.

More so, it blocks about two seconds of the frequency where traffic controls are being communicated. Now, that's really scary! In a matter of seconds, accidents can happen and many people's lives are at stake.

Notably, this may be another passenger question: Is it really true? Here's the answer, according to The Telegraph, they quoted pilot and author of Cockpit Confidential Patrick Smith, "The answer is potential yes, but in all likelihood, no, and airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are merely erring on the better-safe-than-sorry side."

Like what's stated above, it's better to take precautions. But, the new policy is slowly moving along this banning, some airlines presently allow voice and text features despite it. This is because newly developed mobiles are equipped with better enhancements which don't hinder plane's radio frequency anymore. On the other hand, the safety measure is still intact and most of the time gadgets can be used now in-flight as long as it's on airplane mode.

In all, "airplane mode 101" depicts the importance of precaution. This is highly important and must be followed in spite of the itch to pick up one's phone. For more travel and food news, guides, and tips keep following Travelers Today.