Pana App-the newest travels itinerary and assistant craze is finally free! All travelers must get to know closer this hype, everything about it is exciting to use. Definitely, it's a must-see 2016 app that can make any one's vacations a breeze. So, here is everything about the latest innovation, all there to know about this amazing mobile tech will finally be revealed.

Travel apps are nothing new; there was already a number of it on the web. But, Pana App can rival all of it, there's definitely more to this simple technology. Surely, it gives a punch from before, during, and after one's dream vacation.

Where to begin? Initially, download the app from either Google Play or IOS app store. Then, get ready an email address which will be used to log in the application. When it is already starting a bot will begin helping plan ahead about the vacation, decide for a location and Pana App will locate all the bookings for the traveler.

To get started, there are the flights, boarding, lodging, rentals, and attractions to think about. All these will be singled out by Pana App; it will be the one to tell which locations have the best bookings for the entire vacationer's need. More importantly, it can be used offline so it's really amazing.

If set up for the plan already, and the traveler on the road now. Notably, Pana App can serve as trip alert for updates about flight delays, gate changes, and travel announcements. This works well with its automatic flight check-in, a feature where even the boarding pass will go straight to the account.

In conclusion, other family members can also use it and combine their Pana Apps. It can easily combine all travel itineraries with everyone and set a whole new family travel. Clearly, it's a new innovation every traveler must have. For latest updates, keep following Travelers Today.