"New York's East River Humpback Whale Sighting" is back! Seemingly, New York has another tourists' destination in the making. Last Dec. 31, an additional giant was seen swimming in the East River while the police officers were patrolling the area in preparation for the New Year Eve's celebration. It was only after a month of the first sightings that this happened again.

According to Travel Channel, there are already 10 special tour locations in North America where the Earth's largest mammal can be spotted. Now, many wonder if this is the start of "New York's East River Humpback Whale Sighting".

For the curious people, it may seem that the "New York's East River Humpback Whale Sighting" will be a regular already. In a report by NJ.com, Gotham Whale President Paul Sieswerda is quoted saying, "They're coming back more and more and it's most likely going to be a more common occurrence." Why it's happening? Definitely, it's all about food. Because of the river's good condition, it can already support the food intake of the whales.

The sighting was the spotted along New York's Upper East Side, Notably, New York Police Department's twitter account revealed the entire report. While patrolling for the New Year's celebration, NYPD special operations police got shots of the reported Humpback Whale. Its photos were posted immediately with the captions: "Spotted another whale in the E" and "River this morning right next to Gracie Mansion. Even the wildlife wants to ring in NYE2017 in NYC."

In all, travelers can possibly have fun seeing New York's Statue of Liberty with whale sighting in the side in the future. For more updates, keep following Travelers Today.