Definitely, land transportation is always included for traveling. For locals and tourists, it's an inevitable part of the trip. At the moment, Uber and Lyft are the most-sought-after rental cars in the market for this area. So, the latest updates regarding these two platforms about "Racism Discrimination" issues should also be included with what travelers should hear about.

After U.S. senator Al Franken wrote complaints about Uber and Lyft minority ride-hailing bias, each is taking their lead in answering the concerns. They were given a timeline; both should explain the recent study of the National Bureau of Economic Research. This pertains to African-American race discrimination in areas of Seattle and Boston. Mostly, they were refused or canceled when hailing a cab due to their color.

Uber and Lyft response letter were just made public, and every detail was served. On the letter, they highlighted their tight measures regarding discrimination. Likewise, it also showed the problem's root cause which is the driver's uncontrollable intent.

Accordingly, Uber and Lyft ride-hailing giants made sure that any drivers who will deny anyone a ride because of their color, religion, gender or anything will be chop off. Definitely, the companies don't tolerate "racism discrimination," and it's their mission to serve everyone.

In a report by Mercury News, CEO Logan Green was noted: "Lyft takes allegations of discrimination extremely seriously." He adds, "Any discrepancy of service experienced by passengers due to race is unacceptable." Indeed, this is the same with Uber, in fact, they are reportedly experimenting ways now to further avoid the conflicts.

Definitely, this "Uber & Lyft Travel News" is fairly important for every vacationer. Anyone goes off on a trip, may it be of any race. It's inescapable that they will eventually hail a cab some time, so taking further caution is significant. For latest news and updates, stay tuned in Travelers Today.