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New York City Street

New York City Is Trying To Limit The Number Of Lyft, Uber Drivers On The Road

New York City Council is putting a cap on the number of ridesharing vehicles to decrease congestion in the streets. Lyft and Uber deemed the restriction as an attack on the residents who lack access to public transport.



Lyft May Add A Feature Letting You Tell Your Driver You Don’t Want To Chit-Chat

Lyft has affirmed that is has been playing around with a 'zen mode' feature. The innovation will allow its passengers to politely let their drivers know that they don’t want to engage in small talk.


Uber partners with Cargo

Uber Can Now Sell Snacks And Other Items During Commute

Hungry Uber passengers finally have an answer to their problem. The ride-hailing company will partner with Cargo to provide an additional earning for its drivers, and more convenience for its passengers.



Lyft Will Give Big Discounts For Bike, Scooter Rides

Good news await riders of Lyft as the company announced huge discounts for multi-modal riders. After buying Motivate, a bike-sharing network, Lyft is taking steps to make the company an all-in-one transportation service.



Uber, Lyft Rides In Washington, D.C. To Get More Expensive Thanks To Tax Hike

Washington D.C. is set to have a steep 5 percent hike on popular ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. The tax approved by the council will generate funds for the district’s Metro system.



Attention, Londoners: Uber Is Back, But Don’t Get Excited Yet

Judge Emma Arbuthnot ruled for Uber to keep its license and operate in London for a 15-month period. Uber serves a staggering 3.5 million customers in London and has over 45,000 drivers.


Behind the wheel of Uber’s first self-driving car

Uber Improves Ride-Sharing Service With Plans To Expand Into Food Delivery And Booking Changes

Uber continues to innovate first with the option to change or alter previous bookings and now caters to busy people by delivering food right at their doorsteps.



Uber Is Burning A Lot Of Cash, Shocks Financial Experts

In its financial information posted last Friday, it is revealed that Uber lost almost a billion dollars in the last three months of 2015.


Autonomous Taxi Drones to be Launched in Dubai

Dubai To Launch Autonomous Taxi Drones In Its Skies This Summer

Dubai is planning to launch taxi drones for its skies by summer, as per the directive of its ruler.


Taxi Drivers Protest Possible Uber Expansion In NYC

Uber and Grab Threatens Motorcycle, Taxi Drivers’ Livelihood

The advent of transport apps like Uber and Grab has placed the livelihood of many motorcycle and traditional taxi drivers in jeopardy. Many drivers have seen their income decreased as they cannot compete on the rates and convenience of these apps.


Testing Uber Eats - Food Delivery

Uber Launches First Food Delivery App in Bangkok

There comes the days when people become too lazy to go out of bed and cook their meals or dine in fancy restaurants or foodstops. Lucky are the people in Bangkok! They can now have a taste of their cravings right at their doorsteps.


Groupon booth at the Coca-Cola Backyard BBQ Launches Mobile Concierge launches a travel concierge through a mobile app, providing the user with one access to all their travel needs.


Uber Movement

Uber Offers Free Travel-Time Data In Uber Movement

Uber Movement shows travel times between two key city destinations at various hours of the day.


New York Uber Drivers Protest Rate Cuts

Uber & Lyft Travel News: Racism Discrimination Finally ANSWERED!

Study shows Uber and Lyft drivers discriminate against riders and finally they respionded to tahe issue. Better take precaution travelers and read this.


Take a tour of the new Google Maps

Plan Better Trips With These Travel Apps

Plan better trips with travel apps which include those that will help you book a hotel stay and flight, get a ride in they city, and to help you find local spots to check out,


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