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Uber Can Now Sell Snacks And Other Items During Commute

Travelers Today       By    MJ De Castro

Updated: Jul 24, 2018 08:18 PM EDT

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Uber drivers do not make tons of money. However, with the company's new deal with Cargo, its drivers have an opportunity to earn more.

Uber has announced its partnership with Cargo, a New York-based startup, which will provide drivers with boxes filled with items that they can sell to their passengers. The collaboration will be launched first in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

How To Purchase

Here, drivers can go to their company's support centers to pick up the boxes loaded with items that range from phone chargers, snacks, and even moisturizing masks. The drivers pick it up for free and sell it to their riders on a commission.

For riders who want to buy an item, they must scan a QR code and pay through Cargo's website. There is no app for the startup at the moment. However, the transaction will be cashless since the mobile website accepts Apple Pay, Venmo, and other digital wallets.

After the rider has completed the transaction, the driver will receive a notification. They will then open the Cargo box and give the order to the passenger at a safe stopping point such as a stop light.

According to reports, the products on the boxes will differ depending on the time of the day and the city. For example, in San Francisco, Cargo offers will include energy bars and will cater to techies with tons of earbuds for sale. 

Extra Income For Drivers

Furthermore, Cargo's partnership with the giant transportation network company will expand in other key cities such as Dallas, and New York. Estimates say that Uber drivers can earn an extra $100 per month by selling straight from their vehicles. For every product sold by a driver, the in-car commerce startup gives them $1, and 25 percent of the price.

According to Jeff Cripe, co-founder of Cargo, the scheme is just an added risk-free source of income for the drivers.

However, Uber drivers are not strangers to selling items in their car. Some Lyft and Uber drivers have been selling necessities from their cars to make ends meet. The startup currently raised a total of $7.3 million in venture capital funding.

Uber drivers are not obligated to go through with the partnership. They even have an option to sign up with the brand's competitors such as Vendigo.

According to Uber's website, Cargo is already available in Boston, Minneapolis, New York City, Washington DC, Dallas, Atlanta, and Baltimore, and as it moves forward with its partnership, it will listen to its riders and drivers to give a more wonderful experience.

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