Why sip from a glass when you can drink straight from the source? This summer, Uber turns your Olympic trip to Paris into an unforgettable champagne adventure! Head off from Paris to Epernay in a stylish Tesla, all decked out for your champagne dreams.

For just €200, you and three friends can zoom off to the famous Perrier-Jouët Cellier Belle Epoque. 

Here, you'll dive into a tasty lunch with crab and curry beignets and a Caesar salad paired with tarragon fried chicken. What's the highlight? You get to try three special cuvées, each showing off the region's pride and craftsmanship.

These are the fantastic Uber offers that you can't miss!

What Uber's Champagne Day Trips Offer You This Olympic Summer

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Meet Uber Bubbles Your Ticket to Champagne Country

This summer, Uber is not just about city rides. With the Olympic Games drawing crowds to Paris, Uber introduces Uber Bubbles, a special service that whisks you away to the heart of the champagne region. 

For a cool €200, you can round up three pals and hop into an Uber Bubbles-branded Tesla. You'll zip from Paris to the vineyards of Epernay, famed for its exclusive champagne houses. It's your chance to leave the city buzz and enjoy the rolling hills and sprawling vineyards.

A Luxe Lunch at Perrier-Jouët

First stop, the renowned Perrier-Jouët Cellier Belle Epoque in Epernay. Here, Uber Bubbles treats you to a gourmet lunch where you can savor dishes like crab and curry beignets. They also serve a fantastic Caesar salad topped with tarragon fried chicken that complements the exquisite champagne. 

During lunch, you'll taste three of the house's finest cuvées, each offering a different glimpse into the rich champagne tradition. It's a meal that promises to be as luxurious as the setting itself.

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Exclusive Tasting at Maison G.H. Mumm

After lunch, the journey continues to Reims, home to the Maison G.H. Mumm. This part of your day trip involves a visit to their famed cellar. 

Here, you'll get an up-close look at the intricate process of champagne making. You also get to indulge in a Cordon Rouge tasting, experiencing firsthand why this label is celebrated worldwide. 

The team at G.H. Mumm is ready to show you the best of what they offer, making this stop a highlight of the trip.

Booking Your Champagne Adventure

Securing your spot on an Uber Bubbles trip is easy. Simply open your Uber app and tap on the Uber Bubbles icon. You can pick a date, input your pickup and dropoff locations, and voila, your champagne day is set. 

Remember, you need to book at least 24 hours in advance. The service is available from June 7 to Aug. 17 on Fridays and Saturdays, so plan accordingly.

Uber Makes Sightseeing in Paris Easy Too

Not up for a day trip? Uber has something for you right in Paris as well. They are launching Uber Cruise, free one-hour boat tours along the Seine. 

This new offering lets you see the sights of Paris from a unique vantage point, all while enjoying the comfort of a fully electric boat. It's a perfect way to relax after a day of Olympic excitement or city exploration.

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