It goes without saying that Paris captures hearts with its famous sights and stylish streets. But did you know that just a train ride away, you can discover places so thrilling they should be on your must-see list? 

From the beautiful gardens of Giverny to the historic streets of Rouen, and the lively atmosphere of Lille, these day trips provide a perfect getaway from the city's energy.

These exciting spots outside Paris promise to add memorable moments to your Parisian adventure.


3 Places Near Paris You Can't Miss on Day Trips

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If you're looking for activity close to Paris, Lille is the spot. This city near the Belgium border is known for its active market squares and welcoming locals. You can reach Lille in just one hour by train from Paris, making it a great choice for a quick escape. 

Once there, explore the old town, Vieux Lille, with its delightful shops and cafes. Lille is known for its moules-frites, a dish you have to try. The city also has a variety of museums and galleries that display both traditional and contemporary art. 

The architecture in Lille shows a mix of Flemish and French influences, offering a visual treat for visitors. After a day in Lille, you'll see why it's considered one of the most cultural cities in northern France. 

With its close proximity and lively feel, Lille provides a nice change from the usual Paris scene.

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3 Places Near Paris You Can't Miss on Day Trips

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Rouen will take you back to medieval times with its cobblestone streets and gothic architecture. Only 1.5 hours from Paris, this city is full of history and culture. The Rouen Cathedral, which Monet famously painted, is a must-see with its facade that shines differently as the sunlight changes. 

Rouen is also rich in history, with stories about Joan of Arc, and you can learn all about her at the dedicated museum in the Old Market Square. 

While there, treat yourself to local specialties like apple cider and Camembert cheese, both native to the Normandy region. Don't miss the Gros-Horloge, an ancient astronomical clock, as shared by Voyagewithmc on Facebook

Rouen is easily reachable by train from Paris and offers a full experience that makes for an unforgettable day trip. After a day in Rouen, you will come back to Paris with a deeper appreciation of French history and architecture.


3 Places Near Paris You Can't Miss on Day Trips

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Just a train ride away from Paris lies Giverny, a beautiful village that seems to be lifted right out of an impressionist painting. Here, you can walk through the stunning gardens that inspired Claude Monet, one of France's most beloved artists. 

The famous water lilies and Japanese bridge are real and they're just as breathtaking as they are in Monet's paintings. Visitors often say that Giverny breathes art and beauty, making it a perfect retreat for those who appreciate nature's splendor. 

To get there, take a train from Paris Saint Lazare station to Vernon and from Vernon, a short shuttle will take you directly to Monet's home and gardens. 

Spring and summer are the best times to visit when the flowers are in full bloom and the colors are vivid. Make sure to visit the Monet house, preserved exactly as he left it, to really step back in time. On your way back to Paris, the landscape views from the train offer a peaceful transition from the peaceful beauty of Giverny.

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