June 15, 2024 5:58 AM


New York City Is Trying To Limit The Number Of Lyft, Uber Drivers On The Road

New York City Council is putting a cap on the number of ridesharing vehicles to decrease congestion in the streets. Lyft and Uber deemed the restriction as an attack on the residents who lack access to public transport.


Lyft May Add A Feature Letting You Tell Your Driver You Don’t Want To Chit-Chat

Lyft has affirmed that is has been playing around with a 'zen mode' feature. The innovation will allow its passengers to politely let their drivers know that they don’t want to engage in small talk.


Lyft Will Give Big Discounts For Bike, Scooter Rides

Good news await riders of Lyft as the company announced huge discounts for multi-modal riders. After buying Motivate, a bike-sharing network, Lyft is taking steps to make the company an all-in-one transportation service.


Uber, Lyft Rides In Washington, D.C. To Get More Expensive Thanks To Tax Hike

Washington D.C. is set to have a steep 5 percent hike on popular ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. The tax approved by the council will generate funds for the district’s Metro system.


Delta Forms Partnership With Lyft, Allows Passengers To Earn SkyMiles For Requesting A Ride

SkyMiles members will have more than one way to earn miles as Delta Airlines formed a partnership with Lyft. Members would only need to link their membership to their Lyft account and they can earn one mile for every dollar spent on Lyft.


Uber & Lyft Travel News: Racism Discrimination Finally ANSWERED!

Study shows Uber and Lyft drivers discriminate against riders and finally they respionded to tahe issue. Better take precaution travelers and read this.


Travel Tips: Election Day Free Rides And Discounts By Uber, Lyft, Zipcar!

Three transportation network companies are giving away free rides and discounts for voters to their poll locations.


Need A Ride? Here Are Five Alternatives For Uber Wherever You Are In The Globe

Commuting is hard enough as it is, however Uber became a game changer for the traveling public when it was launched in 2009. But until recently, Uber experienced backlash from its customers and caused them to stop using the app completely. Here are five alternative apps to install on your smartphone to use instead of Uber for when you need to go somewhere.


President Barack Obama Talks About Self-Driving Cars Issues To Focus On

President Barack Obama has spoken about some major problems to consider in having autonomous vehicles.


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