Delta Airlines has formed a partnership with ride-sharing company Lyft, which will allow its passengers to earn more SkyMiles. All the passengers need to do is to request a ride from Lyft and they'll be able to earn SkyMiles points.

According to a report from Condé Nast Traveler, Delta said SkyMiles members will be able to earn one mile per dollar that they spend on rides using Lyft. All passengers would need to do is to link their SkyMiles with their Lyft account then they can earn the miles whenever they request a ride.

And to get their passengers started with this new partnership, the airline is even offering a promo of earning three miles for every one dollar they spend on the ride-sharing company. The promo is until August 31.

Appsforpcdaily reports that all Lyft rides are eligible to earn passengers some miles. So it doesn't matter if it's a premiere vehicle or a shared Lyft Line, passengers will get their miles for every dollar they spend.

This kind of partnership is not new for Delta Airlines, as the company has already partnered with another app to help passengers earn more miles. The airlines partnered with Airbnb last November 2016 to offer SkyMiles members a chance to earn miles, whether as a host or as a guest.

Breaking Travel News reports that Delta Airlines also partnered with tech company Clear, which is a biometric identity verification platform, to allow SkyMiles members to expedite the TSA security clearance process. Members would only need to pay exclusive discounted rates.

Sandeep Dube, the vice president of customer engagement and loyalty, said that the airline is looking out for "customers' travel experience." He said that "it's important that Delta customers are taken care of not just in the air, but on the ground." Check out the video below to learn more about Delta Airlines' partnership with Lyft.