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Yosarrian Nino

Team DAELead

'Foot Locker' Concept Wins Airbus Competition, Invention Could Solve Overhead Compartment Problems

The winning entry from Team DAELead in the Airbus "Fly Your Idea" competition could potentially solve the problem with the plane's overhead compartment. The invention is a pop-up locker located under the aircraft's seat.


Glimpse inside Elvis Presley's last private jet

Elvis Presley's Original Private Jet To Be Auctioned Off

The "King of Rock's" private jet will be auctioned off this Saturday, May 27, 2017. Elvis Presley's jet has been sitting on a runway for more than 30 years, but it's still in good condition and can be restored as a centerpiece of an exhibit.


Investigators Reveal Multiple Airspeed Indicators Failing On NWA's A330s

Airbus Launches 25-Seater A330neo Private Jet, Features Conference Room And Dining Area

The Airbus Corporate Jet has made the A330neo private jet available. The plane can carry 25 passengers and has a customizable cabin where a private office, bedrooms, bathrooms, and a conference room can be placed.


Hewlett-Packard To Cut 9,000 Positions

HP Refreshes The Spectre x2, Can Now Take On The Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The refreshed HP Spectre x2 is a welcome distraction from the Microsoft Surface Pro lineup, especially for people who are waiting for the Surface Pro 5. The new 2-in-1 hybrid offers features that can defeat the Surface Pro 4.


Jet Fuel Shortages And High Prices Hurt Airlines Profitability

Delta Forms Partnership With Lyft, Allows Passengers To Earn SkyMiles For Requesting A Ride

SkyMiles members will have more than one way to earn miles as Delta Airlines formed a partnership with Lyft. Members would only need to link their membership to their Lyft account and they can earn one mile for every dollar spent on Lyft.


Strong Thunderstorms Hit Las Vegas

Lightning Strikes Not Usually A Problem For Airplanes, But Latest Strike Forces Air France To Declare Mid-Air Emergency

When it comes to lightning strikes, airplanes have been built to withstand it. But a recent lightning strike has caused an Air France flight to declare emergency mid-air as a precautionary measure.


Lenovo Tech World

Lenovo Confirms Moto Z2 Play To Have Only 3000mAh Battery -- Could This Mean A Thinner Device?

The Moto Z2 Play is confirmed to have a smaller battery at only 3000mAh, this is due to the device being thinner than its predecessor. Despite a smaller battery, the Snapdragon 626 ensures battery life is not sacrificed.


2014 Sarasota Film Festival - Day 9 - Red Carpet For Spotlight Film: Road to Paloma

'Aquaman' Production Kicks Off In Australia, Set Photos Reveal Heroes Home At Amnesty Bay

Leaked photos from the production of "Aquaman" in Queensland, Australia shows that Aquaman's hometown, the Amnesty Bay, and several other landmark places, like Terry's Sunken Galloway.


Protests in Baltimore After Funeral Held For Baltimore Man Who Died While In Police Custody

'Avengers: Infinity War' Shooting Real Disaster Scenes In Atlanta, Casting Real Emergency Responders

Police officers, firefighters, and EMTs with tactical experience are being invited to audition for roles in "Avengers: Infinity War." The movie is said to be looking for real emergency responders for the disaster scenes they are filming.


Toyota unveils self-driving car to be operational by 2020

Toyota, Nvidia Team Up For Self-Driving Car Fleet, Will Use Nvidia Drive PX For Research

Toyota has partnered with Nvidia to develop self-driving cars that they are targeting for a 2020 or 2021 release. The car maker will be using Nvidia's Drive PX to power the vehicle.


Internal: secret cabin crew code training video

EasyJet Reveals Meaning Of Fight Attendants Secret Hand Signal, Following Passenger Tweet About it

Virgin Radio DJ Jaime East posted on Twitter a video about EasyJet flight attendants making a hand gesture and asking what it means. The airline responded by posting a training video to reveal what their hand gestures mean.


Gravity: The Weighted Blanket for Sleep, Stress and Anxiety

New Gravity Travel Blanket Lessens Stress While Sleeping, Lets You Feel Hugged

A Kickstarter project is making waves and it's a weighted blanket that's designed to lessen stress and anxiety of people who use it while sleeping. This is because the materials on the blanket make the person feel like they're hugged.


Merger Speculation Rampant Within U.S. Airline Industry

United Airlines Apologizes For Ticket Agent Canceling Passenger's Reservation Because Passenger Was Filming Her

United Airlines is apologizing to a passenger who got his ticket canceled for recording his conversation with a ticketing agent. The airline said that the incident will be investigated.


Southwest And Other Airlines Testify At Safety Hearing On Capitol Hill

Passengers Still Happy With US Airlines Despite Latest Incidents, Airlines Satisfaction Ratings Up Again

The satisfaction ratings for U.S. airlines have increased again, making it five in a row, and this is despite the recent incidents. But airlines are still in the bottom tier of the service industry when it comes to passenger satisfaction.


Jet Fuel Shortages And High Prices Hurt Airlines Profitability

Delta Airlines Apologizes To Family Kicked Off Plane And Offered Refund, Confusing Rules Culprit For Latest Incident

Delta Airlines apologized to Brian and Brittany Schear for kicking them and their two-year-old kid off a Delta Airlines flight, due to confusing rules regarding names on tickets and seat for infants.


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