A passenger in EasyJet Airlines was confused about the hand signals that the flight attendants of the plane were doing. The passenger tweeted about it and posted a video, to which the airline responded by posting their training video to reveal the meaning behind the hand signals.

According to a report from the HuffPost, Virgin Radio DJ Jamie East posted a short video clip of the hand gesture exchange between the two flight attendants. He captioned the tweet with "@easyJet excuse me but please explain what ON EARTH is going on here?!"

People who saw East's video was also puzzled at was going on and offered their own explanation about the hand gestures. The commotion about the video led to EasyJet joining in and revealed that the crew member was giving an instruction using hand signals to the other crew member.

The airline added to their explanation by sharing one of the instructional videos that they use in training their flight attendant. Travel + Leisure reports that a crew member in the video explained that the in-flight service of EasyJet needs to "be quick and efficient to deliver excellent customer service."

The video also mentioned that airline serves 6 million customers a month, so they developed "secret hand signals" to enable the crew to communicate each other while they are in-flight. The hand signals minimize the "unnecessary chatter."

Mirror reports that the hand signals are often used to indicate food that passengers ordered, or what's happening in the different parts of the plane. An example would be the chicken dance, which indicates the passenger wants a chicken sandwich.

A signal that shows popping open a champagne means they need to bring one out as a proposal has been made on the plane and so on. To learn more about the different hand gestures, watch the video below.