A Star Wars-themed hotel, which will be a first of its kind, will also be built in Walt Disney World Orlando. The hotel will be part of the planned Star Wars Land theme park, where construction of the park has been going along nicely.

According to a report from The Telegraph, the hotel is rumored to resemble the Millennium Falcon, the ship that's piloted by Han Solo and Chewbacca. The hotel is also targeted to open on 2019 when the theme park is scheduled to open its doors to fans.

The hotel will have a pool area, a water park, a fitness center, and a cantina, where droid butlers are said to be the ones serving food and drinks. The hotel, though, is available for two-night stays only and rooms will cost $900 to $1,000 per person.

The rooms will accommodate four persons and the rate will already include all meals as well as admission to the theme park.

Though they will only be allowed to stay two nights, the report said that people who will stay at the hotel will have a great experience, as they are said to be able to "take part in narrative events as they unfold." These events include dueling with lightsabers, pilot spacecraft, and mixing it up with the characters from the films.

Guests could also partake in secret missions, which can take place either in the Star Wars-themed hotel or in the theme park. Speaking of the theme park, Gizmodo reports that the construction of Star Wars Land is going along nicely.

The report said that Nearmap showed high-resolution aerial images of the construction site, and it shows that the south side of Walt Disney World is already being cleared. Star Wars Land is targeted for a 2019 opening and is being timed for the release of "Star Wars Episode IX," the final installment of the current trilogy. Check out the video below to learn more about the current construction progress of Star Wars Land.