Airbus held a global innovation contest and the winning entry could help solve the problem that some people experience with the overhead compartment of airplanes. The winning invention is a pop-up locker that's placed on the floor, under the aircraft's seat.

According to a report from, the idea for the "foot locker" came from a team of students from the University of Hong Kong. The concept was named the winner of Airbus' annual "Fly Your Ideas" contest.

Airbus said that the judges were impressed with the simple but effective solution that Team DAELead came up with. The airline maker adds that the new cabin design makes use of the "space between the cabin floor and the cargo ceiling to give passengers their own personal luggage space."

The winning entry was one of 365 and it was narrowed down to five for the final judging. Team DAELead will be taking home the $45,000 first prize cash reward.

The foot locker would mean that passengers won't need to climb to store their handbags, laptops or other items in the overhead compartment. It also means they won't need to spread their luggage across the compartment as they now have their own personal space.

The Daily Mail reports that the students' entries would need to answer one of the five challenges identified by Airbus. The challenges would range from improved passenger experience to manufacturing innovations.

Almost 5,500 students registered to participate in this year's contest, which first started last 2008. A total of more than 20,000 students has already participated since the contest began nine years ago.

CNN reports that second place goes to team Aquarius from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. The team came up with an idea to turn an A400M aircraft into a carrier that can fight a wildfire. To learn more about the winning team, watch the video below.