Toyota Motor Corp. and Nvidia Corp. will be working together to create Toyota's own self-driving cars. The car maker is said to be using the Drive PX technology of Nvidia to power their self-driving cars for its own research.

According to a report from CNET, the CEO of Nvidia Jen-Hsun Huang announced the partnership during a keynote speech at the company's GPU Technology Conference. The CEO said that Toyota is intending to use Nvidia's technology to power their self-driving cars, which is said to be produced "in the next few years."

Huang's announcement and his comment of "in the next few years" are in line with Toyota's target of having their own self-driving cars on the road by 2020 or 2021. The report said that the partnership between Toyota and Nvidia is the latest development in worldwide effort to develop self-driving car technology.

The initiative for this technology doesn't only come from car makers, but from technology companies and auto equipment suppliers as well. Apple and Google have already been developing their own self-driving car fleet and they are, ironically, using Toyota vehicles for it.

Self-driving cars are said to be able to reduce, or even eliminate, tens of thousands of traffic fatalities that takes place on U.S. roads every year. Reuters reports that Nvidia is among the popular technology partner when it comes to the self-driving car race.

Toyota is the latest car company to partner with Nvidia, following Audi and Mercedes, who have already partnered with Nvidia. The report said that the Drive PX is a supercomputer that fuses data from the car's hardware and uses artificial intelligence to help the car understand that data and be able to react to its environment.

But Nvidia is not only trying to make a name in the car industry, after being known in the gaming industry for its graphics processing chips. The Verge reports that this partnership with Toyota is the latest effort of the company to leverage its computing power and apply it to artificial intelligence that can power different products such as cars and home appliances. Check out the video below of Toyota's unveiling of its self-driving car concept that it's targeting to be available by 2020.