We all know that the election is one of the most important events for any country. This week will commence the start of the United States of America's Election Day. In this year's Election Day, the transportation companies, Uber, Lyft and Zipcar are giving away discounts and even rides for free to voters who are going to their designated polling locations for easier access.

In this way, Travel and Leisure reports, excuses about not voting will be lessened for the voters. According to 6abc, the super PAC My Ride to Vote teamed up with both Uber and Lyft in giving away free rides to voters in Pennsylvania, so that it will be easier for them to get to their destinations to vote. The voters from Pennsylvania can get free rides by just using the promo code "VOTEPA".

"With this campaign, we aim to help underrepresented voters exercise their rights as citizens," said co-founder of My Ride to Vote, Anna Soellner. She also said in a statement "For people who are under immense family, work or financial pressure, having a convenient ride to the polls can mean the difference between voting and staying at home. Our mission is to assist those in greatest need to exercise their sacred, civic duty."

Zipcar transportation Network Company stated "Zipcar selected the evening hours on election night to ensure that members who need to zip to the polls during the last few hours have free, easy access to transportation." According to them, non-members can still sign up to get the ride advantages.

"To commemorate the fact that the nation will be electing our 45th President," says Lyft Transportations Network Company; they will offer a 45 percent discount for one ride during the time between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. in Philadelphia. While Uber, on the other hand, will offer discount to new users with $20 off by using the promo code "VOTETODAY" for their first ride.