A lady began to look for jobs in Uber and Lyft in cities where the two companies were in high demand for their services for customers. This occured when this lady shied away from driving again following her car accident. Akhila Sivakumar was in the hospital for over a month, in which she had burns and bruises on her entire body following a car accident.

Sivakumar said she specifically preferred Austin, Texas as the city where to apply for jobs in Uber and Lyft. Sivakumar said she chose this city due to the popularity of ride sharing in it, hence, it would be a piece of cake to get out and about in Austin, even without a vehicle.

Sivakumar, though, was left disappointed when she and the others learned that Uber and Lyft have shut down services in Austin, as reported in Washington Times. Sivakumar and other usual clientele of Uber and Lyft have turned to Facebook groups and Craigslist to locate previous Uber and Lyft drivers, and hence, get them to provide services for the former in negotiated prices.

A businessman in Austin, Bob Woody, revealed in a statement his sentiments over the sad departure of Uber and Lyft in the city, as reported in TWC News. Woody said:

"For us not to have it is to go back in time," Woody said. "To have had it and now not have it--really difficult."

He further added that: "[It's] putting customers at risk. They are making bad decisions, too, because they are intoxicated."

The departure of Uber and Lyft from Austin has caused a severe hassle to many of the commuters in the city. This is because the number of cab drivers are only limited. There are only more than 900 taxi permits. Taxi drivers can only work at set payments only. This means that drivers do not get extra payments when they work over time.