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Visiting Japan: Why Walking During Your Tour Is A Must

Travelers Today       By    Czarina Ara Lasco

Updated: Jan 11, 2017 04:37 AM EST

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One of the things that popularized Japan all over the world is its high-speed bullet trains, also known as the Shinkansen trains, with a maximum operating speed of up to 320 kilometers per hour. It is popular especially on travel blogs that the best way to travel around Japan is through this bullet train.

However, Japan is actually one of the best places for travel even before the birth of the bullet train. With Japan's rich cultural heritage, spending your tour through your feet is basically one of the best ways to enjoy the country. 

Many tourists tend to visit Japan to see the country's most beautiful cherry blossoms.  Travellers, whether they go solo, couple, group or family, walking through the full bloom cherry blossoms can make your trip extra special as you will get that once in a lifetime chance of experiencing the natural beauty of Japan's breath-taking cherry blossoms.

Japan is also popular for its rich culture and heritage. In fact, tourists have been dreaming of seeing majestic shrines and temples such as Meiji Jingu, Tennoji Temple and Ise Grand Shrine where the Japanese history and traditions can be found and experienced firsthand. There are also zen gardens and amazing natural parks such as the Saiho-ji and Tenryu-ji, all in Kyoto, Japan, for quiet contemplation and reflection. These sanctuaries also show the deep association of the Japanese people to nature and religion.

All of these tourist destinations can be best experienced by feet as you will get to enjoy and appreciate the Japanese values and traditions that these tourist sites intend to showcase. According to According to Forbes, because Japan is blessed in terms of spirituality, culture and ritual, they actually value tranquillity and profound appreciation to nature's unique beauty.

After a long day of soul searching in Japan's incredible historical sites and parks, you can also savor Japan's mouth-watering food and delicacies. According to Malay Mail Online, Osaka, second largest metropolitan area in Japan, offers a wide range of food selections including but not limited to takoyaki, yakiniku and okonomiyaki. Japan's most famous delicacies can also be found during night markets which can be obviously enjoyed if you travel by feet as you may transfer to one store to another without the hassle of going back and forth your tourist vehicle.

Nowadays, there are many ways to travel and transfer from a place to another. There are many travel agencies which offer tours inclusive of tourist vehicles. But travelling the old way, which is by feet, will let you enjoy every minute of your travel. Besides, walking is not just good for your health, it is also good for your budget.

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