Hard work is one thing that will never betray you. Hence, after decades of working really hard, retirement is every employee's reward. It is the chance to spend time with your children and family, cope up with the opportunities and moments that you missed during the times when you are at work, and most especially, reward yourself for doing a great job all these years.

A report by The Fiscal Times reveals that almost two-thirds of the people who are about to retire actually considers travelling after retirement. However, there are several factors which may stop a retiree from going on a well-deserved vacation after retirement. Because of the routine of working not less than eight hours a day, it might feel strange to do nothing and have too long leisure time. Or maybe, retirees may feel uncomfortable in spending the retirement savings they earned for decades into a week of vacation.

But there are also many reasons why a retiree should consider taking a vacation. Being a retiree means getting old at the same time. According to Huffington Post, there are 10,000 each day who celebrate their 65th birthday. And as people get old, they tend to be vulnerable to health conditions which are definitely out of control. In this case, taking a breath of fresh air from a vacation will surely do well for the retiree's health, both in mind and in body.

Moreover, during the years when you were still working hard to earn, there were circumstances that you missed your family's activities at school and at home. Taking them to a trip after you retire is your chance to spend quality time with them in a different environment without the hassle of rushing just to prepare meals and clothes for them.

You worked hard for it. Therefore, there is no other reason why you should not plan for your well-deserved vacation right after your retirement.