Being able to choose the best pizza places is probably the hardest thing a person could ever think about because, well, it is pizza. And almost only one percent of the world hates pizza. Even if the list requires a hundred, there are still more pizza havens which must be included on the list.

In America, no one will argue with the fact that the best pizzas are found either in New York or in Chicago. With the famous New York-style pies or the classic Chicago deep dish, nothing could ever go wrong. But for years now, the city of Los Angeles has also gracefully proved that it can also be placed among the best cities in US when it comes to pizza.

Here are some of the best pizza places in Los Angeles that you must actually take a visit at.

1. Pizzeria Mozza

Located in the Mid City, this pizza hub is actually the best place for pizzas in Los Angeles. Launched in 2006, Pizzeria Mozza was founded by the restaurateur Joe Bastianich, who had been a judge in several seasons of Masterchef US and Masterchef US Kids Edition, and by Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton who are both celebrity chefs. This Italian-inspired pizzeria serves the traditional "Margherita" with a handcrafted light and crisp pie crust. Pizzeria Mozza is not just about pizzas because your meal cannot be complete without you ordering the pizza haven's fan-favorite desserts.

2. Sotto

First opened in 2011, this pizzeria specializes in Neapolitan pizzas making it among the pioneer in Los Angeles when it comes to Neapolitan pies. Sotto's 15,000-pound wood-fired pizza ovens were built by Stefano Ferrara. Sotto has been renowned for the blackened parts seen in its every pie's crust which is also known as the signature leopard spotting, TripAdvisor says.

The aroma from the wood-burning pizza ovens goes perfectly with the combination of cured beef cheek that literally melts in your mouth, scallions, ricotta cheese and fennel. Every small portion served is definitely worth the price that you will pay for.

3. Masa

This pizza hub in the heart of Echo Park mirrors the authentic Chicago deep dish pies. Masa's owner Rob Rowe was actually born and raised in Chicago so he fully knows for a fact what he is doing. Masa's outrageous deep dish pizzas are loaded with lots of sausages, pepperonis, tomatoes, cheese, and plenty of garlic that lie in a bed of buttery crust. Masa is known for its fusion of the typical Chicago deep dish pie and the classic Los Angeles tang.

4. Pizzanista!

Located in Southern California, Pizzanista! celebrates the fusion of the world-famous New York-style pizza plus the freshest ingredients that can be found in California. Owned and operated by Salman Agah, this staple Los Angeles pizza spot serves the tastiest hand-tossed pies topped with a marinara sauce from California's juiciest tomatoes and locally-grown meat and vegetables produce. Guests can always have the choice of vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian pies. Every Sundays, the menu of Pizzanista! attracts more patrons because of its very unique Macaroni and Cheese Pizza. According to the official website of Pizzanista!, the restaurant had already opened its second branch in the Craftsman Historic District of Long Beach, California.

5. Casa Bianca Pizza Pie

Operating for more than 60 years now, Casa Bianca Pizza Pie is definitely the real deal when it comes to the best pies in Los Angeles. This family-owned restaurant is a favourite among locals as it tends to bring people back in the time when the restaurant was first built - from the tablecloths, the utensils, the interiors, the designs on the wall and most especially, their specialty pies. Casa Bianca Pizza best serves its Sausage Pizza which is a blend of a sweet and spicy homemade sausage, roasted cloves of garlic, rich tomato sauce and topped with tons of Mozzarella cheese and slices of eggplants.

Aside from pizza pies, these restaurants also have other specialties such as soups, salads and pastas. So, if you have not tried even one of these pizza places in Los Angeles, then you must think of planning to go on one now.