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Travelers Today is “The Home for Travelers Around the World”. We provide a factual, legitimate and reliable platform that encourages world tourism and promotes global awareness. Our vision is to be a leader among online travel sites by reporting on travel news, travel tips and top suggested destinations, ideas, festivities and people around the globe.

The site operates under a team of creative and talented editors and writers to build an audience that values news-worthy information. The team also thrives to develop credibility and wide influence as a source for trending news in topics such as entertainment, sports, technology, health and science, animation, gaming and social media. Our brand is a cross-over between fun and essential when it comes to delivering news to internet readers.

In a digital world, we love what we do—pursuing travel as our passion. We invite our audience to join in and enjoy this experience with us.

Editorial Director

Mary Malicsi (mary@travelerstoday.com)

Mary is Editorial Director in Travelers Today. Originally from the New York, Mary graduated from Baruch College’s Bachelor of Philosophy program. Prior to joining Travelers Today, she was an online educator who keen on assisting international students to know different culture in other countries. Her dream used to be introducing U.S. culture to students abroad. After career in educating, writing, Mary finally finds her true love and special talent in the tourism news industry.


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