Since time immemorial, eating is one of the basic instincts of every living thing in the world. Through the ages, eating evolved from not only being a necessity to survive, but it also becomes a hobby for many food enthusiasts. People travel all around the word searching for rare flavours. One of the hot topics in the food industry today is Iceland especially its capital city Reykjavik which is now currently experiencing its food renaissance.

Kaloportid Flea Market. Being an island, Iceland is rich in food products harvested from the seas around it. Where would you find a better place to get the freshest sea food other than places near the port? Kaloportid Flea Market is just steps away from the port of Reykjavik where you can find a huge array of traditional Icelandic foods and ingredients. Fermented sharks and lamb testicles are available as well as other 'normal' selections like pastries and cheese. Food vendors offer free tastes promos for their products and the best thing is you can ask discounts.

The Roadhouse. When you're not the adventurous type for the exotic tastes of the Icelanders, you can always go with the classic burger and fries.  The Roadhouse is just a few blocks away from the Reykjavik downtown where you can find the best burger menus in the city. They not only serve burgers but their menu also boasts beer on tap, ribs, fries and shakes. According to Food Republic, one of their feature burger is the Cadillac which includes pickled red onions, arugula and blue cheese. Another is The Doughnut which by the name itself is a doughnut bun burger with smoked pork and egg.

Icelandic Fish and Chips. If you're a British and visiting Iceland for the first time you can always find the comfort food that all the Brits love in this family-owned restaurant. The best fish and chips maker of the city serves freshly caught fish where the selection will based from the day's catch. The mouth -watering fish was deep fried in an airy spelt and barley batter served with thick-cut dill-flecked fries.  They also serve delicacies from a huge variety of flavours like vegetable and fresh salads and skyr dipping sauses - a Nordic dairy product that is thick and creamy like Greek yogurt.

DILL Restaurant. For those seeking fine dining and exquisite flavours, DILL Restaurant is just the place for you. The food paradise is located on the edge of Vatnsmyri, the urban wetland and bird reserve of Reykjavik. The restaurant brags their food that features traditional food cultures and ingredients with a twist and elevated to a restaurant worthy dish. The place is lead by Chef Gunnar Karl Gislason and sommelier Olafur Orn Olafsson as per The Culture Trip. Some of DILLS's best sellers are the baked rutabaga with cheese foam and celeriac and herb cream with lojrom caviar, cress and goats cheese.

Gallery Restaurant. When you're not up for roaming the city in search of foods, you can always stay Hotel Holt which houses the Gallery Restaurant. The fine dining restaurant has made a name for itself and won the Best Restaurant in Iceland last 2012 awarded by the Nordic Prize. The good food is not the only charm of the place but also the Icelandic paintings that decorates its wall hence the name 'Gallery'.  Gallery housed Chef Fridgeir Ingi Eiriksson who is popularly known for his Icelandic fare such as reindeer with fresh cep and truffle honey and Hlidarberg duck with honey glazed melon.