For more than three decades, America is known to be the fourth largest wine-producing country in the world next to Spain, Italy and France. As time went by, the Americans already earned and developed their knowledge and skills in terms of operating wineries and produce high-end wines that are widely consumed all over the world. For the record, the state of California produces almost 90 percent of the total wines made in over 50 states in America.

Founded in 1933, E & J Gallo Winery is considered to be the largest exporter of California wines. It owns more than a quarter of the total wine sales in the US and is also known to be the second largest family-owned wine producer in the world. Started with an initial capital of almost $6,000 only, this winery has already established its name when it comes to the most sophisticated wines in the world including Carlo Rossi, André and Boone's Farm.

Pride Mountain Vineyards, commonly known as "Pride" is also one of the biggest wineries in America that is extremely acclaimed for its exceptional wines. This winery is an eighty acres mountain vineyards located on top of the Spring Mountain. According to Pride Wines, they actually aim to produce classic wines with fruit concentrations that are far better to what France is able to make. Some of Pride's famous wines are Vintner Select Cabernet Sauvignon, Vintner Select Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Reserve Claret, and Pride Cabernet Sauvignon.

Inspired by the classic European wineries, the cellar of Chateau St. Jean was founded and designed in 1973 in the most amazing Sonoma Valley. Operating for over 40 years now, Chateau St. Jean is already considered to be one of the largest wineries in America which is basically open to visitors and tourists.

According to its official website, every brand of wine produced by Chateau St. Jean is individually cultivated and is crafted with its own unique character making them standout to any other wine in America. Some of the brands of Chateau St. Jean include the Cinq Cépages, Fume Blanc, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and Cold Creek Ranch.

Home to the most native species of vines and grapes, it is doubt that America is definitely a rich country when it comes to wineries and wine produces. With cellars operating in almost every state in America, US wines will always have a place in every home's tables.