Aiming to tout the Canadian blood and glory, Air Canada has launched its enhanced and redesigned fleet of aircrafts as well as the employees' uniforms to their new and fresher looks. The official launching took place in events that are simultaneously held across Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. The said improvement was concurrent to the 150th founding anniversary of Canada.

The airline's improved livery is more of the black color which has even highlighted the airline's traditional red and white color scheme. The planes' new design includes the logo called the "rondelle", which is also known as the French term for hockey puck, and a maple leaf that is enclosed in a red circle.

This head-to-toe transformation of Air Canada will be seen to the airline's more than 300 planes which are about to operate in both local and international flights. According to the CBC News, the forefront in the redesigning of the image of Air Canada's aircrafts was Winkreative, an internationally-acclaimed company lead by the Winnipeg-born Tyler Brûlé.

On the other hand, the uniforms of the employees are redesigned by the Canadian designer, Christopher Bates. This new design that is more on natural tones, charcoal greys and accents of red reflects the new image of the cabin interior of Air Canada's international fleets. There are special and unique designs for the pilots, the cabin crew, flight attendants, mechanics and all other employees.

Aside from the aircrafts and the uniforms, Air Canada has also unveiled its newest set of onboard menu choices which includes Quebec cheeses, selections of the finest Canadian wines and Lavazza Italian coffee and pastries. The new menu is set to be available for passengers this coming April.

"We are an 80-year-old iconic Canadian company that takes our role and our duty to represent our country very seriously. The biggest billboard is the tail of our airplanes," president of passenger airlines Ben Smith said in a report by The Globe and Mail.

This rebranding bears the hope of Air Canada of being renowned despite the conflicts that are experienced across the country. Klaus Goersch, Chief Operating Officer of Air Canada said that the airline company preserves the traditional Canadian mark while embracing the changes and demands of the future.