Because of its endless along the Pacific coast, museums, art galleries, parks and other tourist attractions that are perfect for people who loves to go on an adventure, San Diego has been a crowd favorite in California. Planning a trip here, here are some of the activities that you must not miss. 

Take a tour to the Balboa Park. This 490-hectare cultural park in the city of San Diego is a sanctuary for several theaters, gardens, museums, restaurants, recreational and cultural centers, vegetation zones and most especially, to the San Diego Zoo. This park has already been one of the most notable landmarks not only in San Diego, but in the whole California, as well. In fact, it has been included in California's National Register of Historic Places.

Dreaming of flying an actual aircraft? The USS Midway Museum in the downtown of San Diego will let you discover how it actually feels like to be inside an aircraft of the US Navy, TripAdvisor reviews revealed. You will get to witness and experience a collection of aircrafts and exhibits that include 29 carriers that were restored to perfection. Opened in 2004, the USS Midway Museum is already a landmark in San Diego with visitors that exceeded to a million during the previous years.

Owned and operated by the SeaWorld Entertainment, SeaWorld San Diego has already established itself to be one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city. This animal theme park houses different wildlife animals including whales, penguins, dolphins, turtles and other sea creatures. It is an oceanarium, a marine mammal park, and at the same time, an amusement park where you can shout your lungs out with the extreme rides. According to U.S. News, a trip to here can be quite expensive but it is actually worth all the pay.

Known as the "best beach in the area", the La Jolla Shores in La Jolla, San Diego is a popular destination among tourists and locals. The one-mile long beach of La Jolla is a famous location for those who would want to go kayaking and beach boating. The place is also kid-friendly so you can definitely go here together with your whole family.

Tagged as the most famous zoo in California, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in one of the biggest tourist destinations in all of San Diego. This 730-hectare safari park is also called as the San Diego Wild Animal Park. This is where you can find and take a closer encounter to different endangered animals that are originated from other continents such as Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. According to the records of the park, this place welcomes over two million local and international travellers every year.