Let us admit it. Many of the cuisines all over the world will never be as decadent as they are without cheeses. The artisan cheeses are definitely the biggest contribution of the Italian cuisine in the world of food and delicacies.

In Italy itself, there is a very wide variety of choices when it comes to the best cheeses depending on your desired flavour and texture. And if you are planning to go to Rome, there is actually an array of shops and restaurants that will certainly be a heaven on Earth for avid cheese lovers.

1. Roscioli

Established in 1824, Roscioli is a family-owned restaurant that has been an epitome of Italian cuisine featuring the most decedent Italian cheeses in the heart of Rome. According to Roscioli's official website, the restaurant offers a touch of the traditional Italian classic dishes while adapting to the modern taste of the new generation all at the same time. With over 300 types of different kinds of local and international cheeses that are blended with the best Italian preserves and ingredients, Roscioli will definitely you an ultimate gastronomic experience.

2. Obicà

When it comes to the most mouth-watering mozzarella cheeses in Rome, Obicà Mozzarella Bar is the best place where you must go. The house specialty, Mozzarella di Bufala, is cooked with carefully selected freshest ingredients from their partner producers and farmers and is paired with a glass of a silky smooth Italian wine. What makes Obicà more special among any other restaurants is that, the pastas that are combined with the tastiest mozzarella cheeses are handmade and prepared right in front of the customers just like the sushi bars in an authentic Japanese restaurant.

3. Volpetti

Running since 1973, Salumeria Volpetti is a haven of an infinite selection of the classic Italian cheeses. The store is operated by the Volpetti brothers who have managed to maintain the greatness of the place when it comes to good food, and cheeses. According to Yelp, aside from an endless array of decadent cheeses, Volpetti also sells cured meats, varieties of breads, dried mushrooms, truffles and a selection of wines.

4. La Prosciutteria

Located in Trastevere, Rome, La Prosciutteria is popular for locals when it comes to best cheese sandwiches and stunning prosciuttos. The mix platter of different cheeses and cuts of meat plus a bottle of wine worth €38 will actually give you a picture perfect Italian cuisine experience. Aside from the cheeses and wines, La Prosciutteria is also popular to have the friendliest staffs in whole wide Italy.

5. Antica Caciara Trasteverina

Operating for over 117 years, there is no question why Antica Caciara Trasteverina is literally the best place in Rome for the best Italian cheeses. This family-owned Cheese and Specialty Meats boutique gets better and better as time passes by. From the moment you set foot outside the store, the heavenly aroma of the cheeses and meats inside the store will definitely bring you to a gourmet heaven you never dreamt of. With all of the preserved newspapers and barrels and everything inside the store, you will absolutely be amazed on how tradition was conserved the way only Antica Caciara Trasteverina store has done.