The royal fans in Australia and devoted Instagrammers can now pack their smartphones and cameras as the first Kate Middleton-inspired brunch spot in Melbourne has officially opened, making it the world's very first restaurant and café that is enthused by the image of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Known as the Middletown Café, the restaurant is designed with mostly white-colored furnishings and touched with bold, navy-blue wall paintings - the same color as Princess Kate's oval sapphire engagement ring that had been Princess Diana's ring. The minimalist white marble round tables, white crockery and flower vases reflects the sophisticated and elegant image of the Royal family.

In an interview with People, Randy Dhamahuri, the owner of Middletown Café said, "She's undoubtedly royal but has this humble persona. I think she's the definition of timeless beauty and class in this modern age. Not just speaking of her look, but more so on how she carries herself in public."

According to Lost At E Minor, aside from Middletown Café, Randy Dhamanhuri and his partner Valerie Ong own several cafés in Melbourne including Operator 25. The two also illustrates the café to be as royal and classy as the Duchess, "but still close to the people".

Studio Tate, an interior architecture that is Melbourne-based, is the one behind the classy interior and ambiance of Middletown Café which is the embodiment of refined style and thoughtful consideration to detail. Every corner of the deep blue-colored restaurant is perfect for a cup of an iced latte or a steaming hot espresso while feeling like you are actually sitting on the same seat where Princess Kate takes her meal.

Middletown Café's menu reflects a brunch and lunch of classic royal flavors with a touch of finesse and sophisticated dining experience  - Eggs Benedict, coffee, waffles, duck leg, lamb neck, chia-seed pudding, and a specialty dish called the Trio Mushrooms. The café is definitely Instagram -worthy as it embodies the modern yet classy chic with the table setting, and the utensils and food plating that is lightened with freshly picked flowers on the side.