San Francisco is known to be a dwelling to the largest Chinatown in all of California. That being said, it is pretty obvious that this is also where you can find some of the best Chinese restaurants in the country. Whether you are in the mood for tasty dim sums or dumplings, or you feel like slurping on a hot bowl of Chinese noodles, San Francisco has definitely the lots of choices for you.

Hakkasan San Francisco

Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, this fine dining chic can accommodate to up to 170 guests all at the same time with its 10,000 square feet land area. Hakkasan serves their own take on the authentic Chinese classics that are sprinkled with the modern culinary tastes.

This Cantonese restaurant, which can also be found in other parts of America, offers an array of Chinese menu including their famous Duck and Fish Maw Soup, Tea-smoked Short Ribs, House-made bean curd with dried meat and dried scallop, as well as their different recipes of ducks.

Yank Sing

If you are craving authentic Chinese steamed dumplings, Yank Sing is definitely the best place where you must check out. Whether you like your dumplings steamed, grilled, deep-fried, baked or stir-fried, or even the variety of fillings that you want for your dumplings, Yank Sing has it all for you. Once you dine in to Yank Sing, you will get to encounter rolling carts all around the restaurant which feature an endless selection of translucent and mouth-watering dumplings, TripAdvisor reveals.

Shanghai Dumpling King

Aside from its unquestionably perfect dumplings and dim sums, Shanghai Dumpling King is also known to be home of the best pulled-pork buns, pot stickers, Kung Pao Chicken, and Szechuan fish and beef.

Z&Y Restaurant

Who says that the spice of an authentic Sichuan cuisine can only be found in Chengdu, China? Z&Y Restaurant in San Francisco serves an array of Chinese dishes that are spiced by the classic Sichuan peppers and chilli oils. According to Zagat, some of the best dishes that must be ordered in Z&Y Restaurant are their classic fried chicken that is tossed in dried chillies and chilli oil. There are also noodles, dumplings and wontons that are all spiced to the extreme level.

Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant

Judging based on its exterior and interior design, this place may look like your ordinary Chinese restaurant. But surprisingly, its menu is actually what makes it special than any other Chinese food hubs in San Francisco. The most in-demand dish in the menu of Old Mandarin is its cumin lamb, crunchy tofu and Beijing-style hot pots. The restaurant is considered to serve the most authentic Chinese classics in San Francisco despite the fact that it does not have pork on its menu.