Chicken wings are some of the best American snacks of all time. Whether you are dining out with your friends, or you are just simply spending the weekend at home, chicken wings will always have a place in your dining tables. There is no standard recipe for chicken wings because it has already been innovated by one generation to another - from the sauces, to the sizes and cuts, to the marinade, up to the dip.

The fact that chicken wings are probably one of the most-ordered meals by the Americans, restaurants have been continuously innovating and reinventing their menu to vie for the title of the "Best Chicken Wings" in the US. We come up with a list of the five best places in America for the best chicken wings.

Buff's Pub. A lot of bars in America serve their own version and specialties of chicken wings. But in Newton, only one name stands when it comes to the best chicken wings in town - the Buff's Pub.

This chicken wing-hub is a pilgrimage of the juiciest, crispiest and tastiest chicken wing in Massachusetts that perfectly goes with the bar's seasonal beer selections, Thrillist says. Whether you want your chicken wing to be glazed with barbecue sauce, chipotle, spicy teriyaki, sweet and spicy or the classic Buffalo, Buff's Pub got it all for you. All you need is cash and you are good to go. Yes, my friend. Cash only.

BonChon. Known for its Korean signature-style fried chicken, BonChon is on high-demand all over America. BonChon's chicken wings are basically unique compared to the usual American chicken wings because these Korean-style chicks are infused with a variety of Asian flavors and other Korean specialties.

The franchise of BonChon has actually expanded all over the United States in just a small span of time. The all-time favourite BonChon chicken wing glazes are the original flavour, soy garlic sauce and the spicy hot. Aside from the United States, BonChon has also spread good chicken wings in countries such as Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia, Food and Wine says.

San Tung.  This place is not your typical Chinese restaurant in the US. This food hub in the Sunset District of San Francisco is commonly known as the best place in the city when it comes to the best chicken wings that are battered, fried and tossed in San Tung's signature sweet and spicy glaze.

The signature dry-fried chicken wings of San Tung are what actually made this restaurant an epitome of the ultimate finger-licking good chicken wing experience in San Francisco. You can also try other house specialties such as their handmade noodles and Chinese soups and dumplings.

Points East Pub. After being hailed as the place for having the best chicken wings by different magazines, online surveys and food blogs, there is no question that this bar in Milwaukee is definitely the real deal when it comes to the best chicken wings in the United States.

The chicken wings in Points East Pub are prepped to order but one thing is for sure, every single bite of their most anticipated chicken wings are actually worth the wait. Every wing is marinated and loaded with the bar's secret rub mixture that goes deep inside every fiber of your chicken wing and is cooked and served to perfection 30 minutes after you ordered them.

Anchor Bar. Started in 1964, Anchor Bar in New York City is proclaimed to the mother of every Buffalo wing in the world. Stories claim that it was Teresa Bellissimo of the Anchor Bar was the one who invented the phenomenon of the Buffalo wings when one time, her son Dominic Bellissimo asked Teresa to prepare something for his friends.

Teresa then deep fried the chicken wings and thereafter tossed in her secret sauce and is now known as the Buffalo wings. Many may have tried to reproduce and replicate the recipe of the Buffalo wings but Anchor Bar stays firm that it is in this bar where the original Buffalo wings can be found.