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Man haunted by a ghost

Haunted Places to Explore on Halloween

If we heard the word Halloween, what comes to your mind? Halloween is where people would lit bonfires, wears costumes animating ghosts or any, and children doing trick-or-treat in every house wearing their oh so cute costumes.


Visiting San Diego? Here are Five Things That You Must Not Miss

San Diego is a city in California that has been visited by many tourists every year. With all the tourist attractions waiting for you, here are some of the things that you must not miss during your travel to this world-famous city.


New Immigration Order Sparks Protests in Major U.S. Airports

Protests in several major airports in the US occurred due to the new immigration policy banning citizens from seven predominantly muslim nations.


Most Haunted Houses With Real Deathly Stories,Travelers With Faint Heart Must Stay Away

Discover the most haunted houses in America and britain with real deathly histories and keeps people away.


A One-Way Ticket With A Stopover for Only 5,000 Miles?

Alaska Airlines offers 5,000 miles redemption for a one-way ticket with stopover in the latest, major changes to their Mileage Plan Program.


Delta Airlines Officers Drag Black Woman Off Flight; Said Passenger Showed ‘Huge Attitude’

An unidentified woman allegedly did not checked in properly and became mouthy so the officers on duty forced to take her off the plane at Detroit Metro Airport.


Comic-Con International: Release The Inner Geek

Packed with events from autograph signings to film screenings to costume, Comic-Con International is a behemoth convention of the celebration of the popular arts.


Do it on a Whym - Your Newest App Partner in Grabbing Budget Bookings

When traveling, it is usually always best to book all important tourist destinations way in advance, to make sure that you do not run our of tickets, or to get the early bird price. However, new ticket-booking app is about to become all last minute planners' newest best friend.


San Diego Comic-Con Is The Mega-Event You Don't Want To Miss

The San Diego Comic-Con International attracts 130,000 attendees on its four-day event.


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