San Diego International Airport has been granted a significant federal award of $23.5 million. This funding is part of a broader initiative that spans 34 states, contributing to various airport improvements under the Federal Aviation Administration's recent announcements. 

The grant will aid in financing the extensive revamp of the aging Terminal 1, which has been underway since November 2021.

San Diego International Airport Secures $23.5 Million for Major Terminal Upgrade

(Photo : San Diego International Airport)

San Diego International Airport Boosts Regional Connectivity

The San Diego International Airport's upgrade involves replacing the old 1960s-era Terminal 1 with a new, modern 30-gate facility. This project is not just about adding more gates; it includes substantial airfield enhancements and the construction of new roadways to improve accessibility. 

According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, the total cost of this major upgrade is projected to be $3.4 billion, making it the largest project ever taken on by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.

The new grant adds to the previous funding San Diego International Airport has received under President Joe Biden's $1 trillion infrastructure law, enacted in 2021. To date, the airport has received nearly $147 million in federal grants. 

These funds have supported both the new terminal's construction and other essential improvements like an additional taxiway to service the airport's single runway.

The upgraded terminal will not only increase capacity but will also offer a better array of food and retail services. It's designed to handle up to 2,000 bags per hour during peak times with its new baggage system. 

A notable feature of the project is a 5,200-space parking garage and a three-lane access road from Laurel Street and North Harbor Drive, which is expected to significantly reduce local traffic.

The first 19 gates of the new terminal are scheduled to open by late summer next year, with the remaining gates set for completion in 2027. 

This development represents a critical step in enhancing the airport's facilities and service, ensuring it continues to meet the needs of its growing number of passengers.

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San Diego Airport Enhances Passenger Experience

CLEAR, the identity verification service, announced on Wednesday that it now offers TSA PreCheck enrollment at San Diego International Airport. 

The Times of San Diego reported that this service allows travelers to experience quicker security checks by not having to remove shoes, belts, and light jackets, and they can keep electronics and liquids in their bags.

The expansion is part of the Transportation Security Administration's efforts to make PreCheck more accessible. 

Currently, CLEAR provides this enrollment service at 13 airports across the country. With the integration of CLEAR, travelers at San Diego International Airport can now enjoy a smoother and more efficient security process.

CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker highlighted the benefits, stating, "TSA PreCheck with enrollment by CLEAR provides a fast and efficient airport experience," according to the report.

She emphasized the advantages for U.S. travelers, including more enrollment locations and extended service hours. Additionally, CLEAR's service, which requires a fee, complements PreCheck by allowing members to bypass standard security lines entirely.

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