Travelers flying from UK airports will have to follow the current rules on carrying liquids until 2025. The UK government announced on April 4 that the deadline for airports to install new security scanners has been pushed back from June 2024 to June 2025. The delay affects major airports, including London Heathrow, London Gatwick, and Manchester, which are not ready to meet the original target.

UK Airports Get More Time to Install New Security Scanners Until 2025
UK airports are required to update security scanners until 2025.
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UK Airports to Keep Liquid Limits Until 2025

The Department for Transport (DfT) said that problems with global supply chains contributed to the need for more time. They have decided to extend the deadline on a case-by-case basis but warned that airports will face fines if they miss the new deadline.

As reported by BTN Europe, the new scanners, which are already in use at London City Airport and Teesside Airport, use advanced CT X-ray technology. This technology provides clearer 3D images that allow security to check bags more effectively, letting passengers carry up to two liters of liquids in their hand luggage.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper emphasized that these advanced scanners will enhance security and simplify the flying process. However, until more UK airports have these scanners, he advised passengers to check the current rules before flying.

The Business Travel Association (BTA) supports the extension, noting it gives UK airports necessary time to install the new technology smoothly. Clive Wratten, CEO of BTA, stressed the importance of prioritizing passenger safety.

The Advantage Travel Partnership also highlighted that travelers need clear information about the rules at different UK airports to avoid delays. Their CEO, Julia Lo Bue-Said, advised travelers to keep following the 100ml liquid limit to prevent issues during travel.

This ongoing project aims to ensure that all UK airports can provide safer and more efficient travel experiences. Meanwhile, travelers are encouraged to stay informed about the specific requirements at their departure airports.

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UK Airports Struggle with New Security Updates

Cardiff Airport will not meet the summer deadline to upgrade its security scanners, a change required for new liquid limits at UK airports. Currently, passengers can only take liquids in 100ml containers through security, but the planned upgrade would allow up to two liters.

The UK government had set a June 1st deadline for all major UK airports to install these high-tech scanners, which would also prevent the need to remove laptops during security checks. However, Cardiff, along with other major airports like Gatwick, Heathrow, and Manchester, has failed to install the new technology on time, according to BBC.

While some smaller airports such as Teeside, London City, and Birmingham are ready to implement the new system, Cardiff has faced delays due to supply chain issues. The airport's CEO, Spencer Birns, noted that they expect to receive and install the new scanners later this year.

The Welsh government, which owns the airport, has committed £6.6 million to help with the costs of these upgrades, which have risen due to inflation and the complexities of modernizing the airport's older infrastructure, including asbestos removal.

Passengers are advised to continue following the current security guidelines for liquids until the new scanners are operational.

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