Across the United States, airports are getting big improvements. This is happening because of a law passed in 2021 called the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. This law is giving a lot of money to airports to make them better. 

These changes include fixing old parts of the airport, making bathrooms nicer, and updating systems that handle luggage. People in charge of airports say this money is very helpful, even though it's just a part of what they need to make all the improvements they want.

US Airports Enter Modern Age with Infrastructure Law Boost

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Airports Across the U.S. Get Major Upgrades Thanks to New Law

One of the places seeing these changes is Appleton International Airport in Wisconsin. NBC News said this airport got $3.43 million from the law. It's using this money to add new parts to the airport, like better ways for people with hearing problems to hear announcements and a system to use energy more wisely. These projects are part of a bigger plan that costs $66 million and should be finished by the end of 2025.

Not just Appleton, but airports in many other places like Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and Philadelphia are also getting money from this law. This funding helps them speed up work on projects that make traveling better and more enjoyable for passengers. It also helps airports deal with the extra costs caused by prices going up over time.

The government has given out $970 million so far to help 114 airports. These projects are not just about making each airport better but also helping the whole system of airports work better together. This means flights can be more efficient and there can be more of them, which is good for everyone who flies.

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Airports to Get Busy During Next Month's Solar Eclipse

Meanwhile, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has announced that hundreds of airports across the United States will be busier than usual next month. This is because of a solar eclipse that will happen on April 8, passing over more than ten states from Texas to Maine. The FAA has warned that this rare event will lead to special air traffic rules at many airports, including some of the country's busiest.

A solar eclipse is when the moon moves in front of the sun, making it dark in the middle of the day. The next one like this won't happen for another 20 years. Because of this, lots of people are planning to fly to see it, causing airports to expect more planes and passengers than normal between April 7 and 10.

As Newsweek reported, Delta Airlines is offering special flights for the eclipse, flying from Austin, Texas, to Detroit, Michigan. These flights are designed to give passengers a great view of the eclipse from above the clouds. Other flights are also being added to help people get to airports in the right places to see the eclipse.

Airports mentioned by the FAA include Dallas-Fort Worth and Indianapolis International among others. Planes might have to change their routes, and people flying during the eclipse should expect delays. The FAA is asking everyone to plan ahead to avoid problems during this busy time.

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