May 25, 2024 10:32 PM

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US Airports Flush Away Old Reputation with Award-Winning Restrooms

The government is investing $970 million in 114 US airports to enhance travel, improve accessibility, and support sustainability, creating jobs and modernizing infrastructure nationwide.


US Airports Enter Modern Age with Infrastructure Law Boost

Airports in the U.S. are getting major updates thanks to a 2021 law, boosting facilities, and preparing for a busy solar eclipse event next month.


Travel Report: US Airports Prone to Flight Delays and Cancellations This Hurricane Season

New InsureMyTrip report ranks major airports with the best and worst on-time performance records during hurricane season.


Brits Traveling To U.S. Will Be Asked For Social Media Usernames, Passwords, Phone Contacts

Tourists visiting the U.S. might be searched for their phones and passwords upon entering the country. Those who wouldn't comply with the policy will be declined entry to the U.S.


US Airports To Conduct More Meticulous Body Searches

U.S. airport security workers have discovered that many people still have gotten passed through the security point while carrying dangerous weapons with them. To help curb the issue, the Transport Security Administration (TSA) has changed the policy of body searches for a more rigorous screening process.


New Immigration Order Sparks Protests in Major U.S. Airports

Protests in several major airports in the US occurred due to the new immigration policy banning citizens from seven predominantly muslim nations.


Do You Even Lift In The Airport? Now You Can With Airport Gyms

Bro, do you even lift? Gyms in airports are seen to rise over the trend and would be available in all major ports in the USA.


Travel Comfortably In United States; Most Recommended, Convenient, Best & Worst Among US Airports

The airports were ranked according to three criterion; flight cancellation rate, flight delay rate, and average delay time. The ranking relayed the improvement in passenger’s feedback from 2015 to 2016 in all amenities and areas examined including terminal facilities.


Ground Delays at US Airports Is on the Rise

An Associated Press investigation observes that planes spent through 23 minutes and 32 seconds navigating in the middle of gates and runways during the initial nine months of this year. That is the longest it has been since the Bureau of Transportation Statistics began following taxi times in 1995 and a 50-second increment over last year's average.


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