Bro, do you even lift? Gyms in airports are seen to rise over the trend and would be available in all major ports in the USA.

Airport fitness will get people to move despite their being stuck at the airport waiting for their flight. According to the team behind the movement, ROAM Fitness, "You shouldn't be constrained just because you are in an airport. You should have the freedom to do what you want when you want."

The gym opened its doors on Jan. 27 at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport and would soon roll out in the main ports of the country. Though it's not the first time an airport has a gym inside the premises, ROAM Fitness would like to point out that it is the first "fitness facility placing gym and shower facilities in airports behind security so that travel days don't have to compromise their health."

They are located near airport securities to remind passengers of their flight times so they can proceed smoothly to their designated areas. Of course, they won't let you out without having a shower first - you must smell nice when boarding the plane!

"Today's travelers are more aware than ever about the stress that traveling puts on their bodies. Health-conscious passengers want to maintain their fitness routine while on their way to their next destination. In an airport, it is difficult for individuals to care for their bodies, burn off energy, and stretch their legs."

For a limited time, the current prices to avail ROAM Fitness' amenities are $25 a day, $150 a month and $500 a year. They also have extra clothing and shoes for rent in case you didn't bring yours, so, it's pretty open for anybody whether they are prepared to workout or not.

Aside from the Baltimore-Washington International Airport, they are eyeing to open at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Pittsburgh International Airport, and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. There are 22 more airports in the US they want to be in as well as their first international space in London Heathrow.