The year has begun and there are various resolutions that most of us have set in order to live peacefully and attain our goals throughout the year. On the traveling grounds in 2017, their essential resolutions that have been established in order to improve the travel industry in terms of services offered and maintain the social discipline of the industry.

According to Forbes, everybody loves carrying the carry-on bag to avoid disturbance in retrieving your cargo when you arrive at your destination. While preparing your carry-on bag, avoid carrying an oversize bag because you are obscuring other passengers from fitting their bag into the overhead cabin. Keep note that sweaters can be placed into the overhead cabin after a proper fitting of the bags into the cabin.

While having a neighbor using a speaker phone could be so annoying. Instead use headphones or the smaller version of headphones called ear buds to let your seatmate enjoy his/her own test of audio feed not forcefully listen to yours. Pets are lovely but in public, they can be annoying. As you travel please do not come along with your pet because they can misbehave at times.

As reported by Huffingpost, pilots update information on the flights is the best part but at times they do forget to update us of important landscapes that we are flying over or how long the turbulence we are facing will last for. Flight attendants or the face of the airline, this year are reminded to keep the passengers happy with a kind welcoming aboard word or a thank you for traveling as disembarking.

We know delays or cancellations are unavoidable if any delay or cancellation occurs airlines should give a prior information and for those in the plane waiting for connection can be given a short break to stretch outside the craft during waiting. For airports security, speed during check in should be increased to minimize long lines. Lastly, conserve the environment around you in the flight or airport and be nice to everyone and help your fellow passengers in need