Did you know that right now consumers have more power than ever? With the proliferation of reviews and accessibility to rate actual client experience, it is now easier than ever before to find out which companies--in this case, airlines--to avoid.

Going on a vacation is always a memorable experience. But, getting to your destination may not always be fun. Confusing airports, lost luggage, cramped up seats and even busy terminals can surely rain on your travel parade. Here are some of worst airlines in the world based on Skytrax Global Airline Ratings and TripAdvisor star ratings according to Telegraph, to help you prepare for the worst. 

American Airlines is among the top of the worst airlines in the world this 2016. With its poor customer service, uncomfortable seats, delayed flights, a great number of the passengers reported having experienced rude cabin crew and uninformed staff. They also have exorbitant fees for you want to change your flight details. Some reviewers also mentioned that if you want to feel comfortable during your flight, you need to bring your own pillow and also snacks. It is safe to say why it remains to be on the worst airport list this year.

Spirit Airlines tops the list of the world's worst airlines with its 42.8 percent one-star reviews. Most customer complaints on this low-cost airline involve poor customer service, ineffective staff management, and delayed flights, to name a few. This 2-star rate airline does not have reclining seats. Even though it offers cheap flights, it quickly becomes expensive with its extra charges for luggage and seat selector. Just imagine being charged $100 for a cabin bag.

Frontier Airlines may offer low fares but it also has gives you poor value for your money. According to Skytrax Frontier customer reviews, The have some of the worst services most passengers have experienced. The planes are outdated and dirty. There are no reclining seats to keep passengers comfortable. Most reviews also involve poor customer support and rude cabin crew.