The rewards of long-haul travel can be wonderful. Sometimes, it turns out to be a hassle especially if one would have to undergo surprised processes before and after the flight. Here are some tips on how to make sure to make your flying experience will be comfortable, pleasant, healthier, happier and cost-effective.

The first point to consider when booking a long flight is which airline you prefer to fly with, though you might be choosing for two different reasons - price and comfort. In terms of overall experience, the top three airlines for long-haul travel, according to Telegraph in their latest annual travel survey, were Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand. One should also know when to book their flights, airline seats generally become available 11 months in advance. There are usually several categories for economy class seats, from super saver to full economy.

If you can plan your trip to include a stopover for a night or two, you might not only enhance your holiday experience but also make the journey much more bearable, and very possibly - because of IT fare rules (above) - cheaper too. Planning a stopover may also help you to avoid what I think is the real killer on a long-haul journey - the night flight. Not everyone agrees: some can sleep on a plane without a problem and see it as a time-saving advantage.

Staying vigilant is also important during flights especially with their luggage. Traveller says that some airports are notorious for luggage pilferage and you will also likely suffer from the roaming hands in the baggage room. One way around this is a hinged aluminum case, which are almost impossible to open without a hydraulic jack. Simplest of all is to pack nothing that can't be easily replaced, in a scruffy suitcase.

Regardless of a long-haul or short flight, every passenger should always keep such tips in mind when travelling to ensure a safe and hassle-free flight for everyone to enjoy. Make sure to enjoy the journey towards your travel destination to make one's vacation really worthwhile.