April 15, 2024 8:36 AM

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines Offers 49 Routes That Start At $79 For Roundtrip Fares

Spirit Airlines opens up 22 new routes that would cost $79 as a starting price. In addition, 27 seasonal routes will also be offered again by the company that would have the same costs. It would be a great year for everyone traveling to their chosen destinations at low prices.


Spirit Airlines Now Takes Flight To Bradley International Airport

Local government officials in Hartfort announce on Wednesday that Spirit Airlines will now be offering its services at the Bradley International Airport. It's good news for the locals because it will open up new flight routes and lower down airfares.


American Airlines, Frontier, Spirit Ranked As Some Of The World's Worst Airlines

Traveling can be fun and easy but if only you are prepared for the worst or if you avoid it at all cost.


Spirit Airlines Flight Suffers Delay Due To Safety Emergency; Bomb Scare Triggered Airline To Evacuate Its Passengers

The Spirit Airlines flight 971 is set to fly from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport but was delayed after the pilot declared an emergency evacuation. One of the passengers called the attention of the flight attendants after two Middle Eastern-looking men was seen texting about “bomb.”


Spirit Airlines Raises Baggage Fees By At Least $1

Spirit Airlines is raising its baggage fees from now on and there's no denying that you will be paying more for your bags the next time you fly in this airline this 2014.


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