"Your bombs are in place," this is the text message that triggered a Spirit Airlines plane to evacuate its passengers in Fort Lauderdale on October 30.

The Spirit Airlines flight 971 is set to fly from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport but was delayed after the pilot declared an emergency evacuation. One of the passengers called the attention of the flight attendants after two Middle Eastern-looking men was seen texting about "bomb."

The event caused hundred travellers to panic. Autumn Lynn, a passenger on board, managed to take a live video and post updates on her Facebook account.

"Update...due to Spirit "protocol" we are still sitting on the runway supposedly waiting for a plane scan & to be evacuated...the two men are still on the plane in their seats and their phones have been taken away," she posted.

"The flight attendants took the phones, the men said "open the phone" & everyone starting screaming no!" she addedBroward Sheriff's Office deputies ushered the two men out of the plane and later were interviewed by the FBI.  A thorough search was also done by the fire department. After the examination, the aircraft was given the go-signal and passengers re-boarded.

"After all of that....Spirit is doing nothing for us since no "natural disasters" occurred. They handed us stale cookies and told us to have a seat and wait to get back on the plane," Lynn commented again on her Facebook. The flight was initially scheduled to depart at 8:15 p.m., Sunday, but it was delayed until after 2:30 a.m., Monday.

The plane finally landed in Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport at around 5 a.m., Monday morning. According to report by Mail Online, "A spokesman told Mail Online there was a 'possible threat' on board but no arrests were made."