In recent years, US airports have been focusing on making their restrooms better. Places like Minneapolis-St. Paul International, Tampa International, and Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport have won awards for having the best restrooms. This change is part of a bigger effort to make traveling more enjoyable.

US Airports Flush Away Old Reputation with Award-Winning Restrooms
Philadelphia International Airport's restroom program
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US Airports Lead in Restroom Renovations

US airports are now spending a lot of money to make their restrooms look and feel nicer. They're making stalls bigger, adding more privacy, and using new technology to keep things clean without touching them. This is because travelers have said that having clean and plenty restrooms is very important to them. It makes their time at the airport better, along with easy security checks and not getting lost in the airport.

The government is also helping pay for these improvements. According to the Washington Post, airports like Punta Gorda in Florida, Chicago O'Hare, and Hector International in Fargo, North Dakota, have received money to make their restrooms better. This money comes from a big plan called the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which helps pay for many types of airport updates.

Some of the new things in restrooms include automatic toilets, sinks, and soap dispensers that work without having to touch them. Even though these new gadgets are popular, people still like having paper towels. Also, airports are now making sure that there's enough space in stalls and that people can't see in from the outside.

US airports are not only making restrooms cleaner and more private, but they're also putting them closer together. This means people don't have to walk as far to find a restroom. Plus, they're adding special rooms for families and making sure there are changing tables for babies in men's restrooms too.

All of these changes show that US airports are working hard to make sure travelers have a good experience from the moment they arrive until they board their plane.

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Big Money for Better US Airports

The US government is giving $970 million to make 114 US airports better. This money is part of President Biden's plan to improve the country's travel spots in 44 states and three territories. The goal is to make flying nicer for everyone, easier for people with disabilities, and better for the planet.

US airports will use this money for lots of things. International Airport Review stated that some will make their baggage areas better or make more room at security checks. Others will add more gates or fix old parts of the airport. This will create jobs and make airports nicer for travelers.

For example, Washington Dulles International Airport is getting $35 million to build a new part with 14 gates. Chicago O'Hare is using $40 million to make its terminal better for passengers. And Salt Lake City's airport is expanding to have 16 more gates with $20 million.

Also, some of this money will fix roads around airports or make it easier to get to other kinds of transport, like buses or trains. A few airports will even get new control towers for air traffic.

This big project aims to make US airports better for everyone, whether they're flying, working there, or just picking someone up. It's all about improving the travel experience in the US.

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